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I have two fee schedules, one for adults and one for juniors. Please ensure that you book the correct session in the online scheduling system. If you have any questions please let me know.

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Golf Lessons

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Lessons can be booked in 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minute increments

These are the Basic Lesson Fees

Adult 30 minutes – $75

Adult 45 minutes – $115

Adult 60 minutes – $150

Adult 90 minutes – $225

Adult 120 minutes – $295

Junior 30 minutes – $60

Junior 45 minutes – $90

Junior 60 minutes – $120

Junior 90 minutes – $180

I also offer discount lesson packages. Contact me for more details.



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Brain Training using the FocusBand headset

FocusBand sessions are usually 30 minutes.

30 minute session – $75

45 minute session – $115

60 minute session – $150


SAMS PuttLab

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A complete evaluation of your putting stroke

The SAMS PuttLab is the worlds most accurate putting stroke evaluation system and is used by hundreds of Tour players to fine tune their stroke and identify potential problems.


Putter Fitting

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An evaluation of your putter or putters – may include SAMS PuttLab analysis

A good stroke is just one part of the equation. If your putter doesn’t fit you are still missing some of those makeable putts.


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