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The BALBI Golf Studio is located in San Carlos, California

David Balbi, PGA

David was PGA Teacher Of The Year in 1999 for the Northern California PGA Section and was voted by his peers to receive this award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of high-tech golf instruction.

High Tech Instruction

The use of technology has allowed golf instruction to become more accurate and more relevant. Accurate measurement reveals the underlying causes of swing problems that cannot be determined by the naked eye of by the use of video alone.

Client Satisfaction

Over 90% of my new clients come to me as referrals from other clients. I make golfers play better – it’s as simple as that.

How I Work

For over 20 years I have utilized the best technology to measure, analyze and train golfers.


FocusBand is a NeuroFeedback training device.

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently.

You’ve probably noticed Jason Day’s pre-shot routine. Day flutters his eyes open and closed behind the ball while taking a deep breath before stepping into nearly every shot. It might look odd but it has a purpose. It’s the result of Day’s work in controlling brain activity using FocusBand


The FlightScope radar Launch Monitor measures club and ball data for immediate feedback. Club speed, Ball Speed, Path, Face angle,Spin and more are immediately available.

DBS Balance

The Dynamic Balance System is a precise instructional tool providing real-time computer assisted feedback, designed to monitor the client’s weight transfer and motion of their power generating center of gravity.

When you understand the importance of posture and balance – and how to get there – your swing will improve


DARTFISH is video training system used by over 3400 Olympic medalists.

I have used DARTFISH for over 15 years to help golfers to understand their swing issues and monitor their improvement.

The DARTFISH Express app is capture swings on the go for analysis during your next lesson in the studio

Who Is David Balbi ?

PGA Class A Member and 1999 NCPGA Teacher of the Year

David was the Head Golf Professional at Harding Park before he became a full time teacher in 1994.

David pioneered the field of 3-D motion analysis and has always been on the leading edge of the high-tech golf instruction field.


We Are Here For You

All services are designed with accurate measurement and clear feedback in mind

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K-Vest is a 3-D full swing body tracking system

The K-Vest system is used by PGA pros, club-fitters and club manufacturers to measure and analyze your swing in full 3-D from address to finish.

“Want to know why you slice? This product can tell you exactly what’s going wrong. The K-Vest system, records all kinds of data when users hit shots wearing motion-capture sensors placed at key spots around the body. Using special software, K-Vest can determine a lot of interesting—and telling—information.


The FlightScope Radar Launch Monitor

The launch monitor used by hundreds of Tour players including Masters Champion, Danny Willett and US Amateur Champ Bryson DeChambeau.

Measures Ball and Club Data, including but not limited to

  • Ball Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Club Speed
  • Club Acceleration Profile
  • Face to Target
  • Face to Path
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Angle of Attack

The FocusBand is a brain training headset used by Jason Day and others

The FocusBand is a wearable brain training device with three sensors that are placed on your head to measure your brain activity.

While wearing the FocusBand, you let your brain convert the audio and visual feedback from the avatar for you. You begin by sitting and experiencing the process and let the brain do its thing. Soon, you’ll notice you can easily change your state of mind to your desired state using the audio and visual feedback. This is Neurofeedback – the training of the brain for optimum performance

SAMS PuttLab

World’s Leading Putt Analysis System

SAM PuttLab is the worlds most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. Other technology lacks accuracy, which is so much needed for putting, or only measures few aspects of the putting stroke.

  • Complete analysis of ALL relevant putting aspects
  • Specific training modules
  • Suitable for amateurs up to PGA Tour players
  • Over 2.000 satisfied customers worldwide
  • Professional putter fitting
  • Portable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 3D-Putt replay module (3D-Putt details & videos)
I Am A CoachI Am A TrainerI Am A GolferI Am A CommunicatorI AM Committed To Your Success

— I Succeed Only When You Succeed —


We Make Our Customers Happy

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any business and it’s no different here at BALBI Golf.

Here are some of the comments that I’ve received from happy customers.

Ned Nix

Love him! David is the PhD of golf. There is no way that anyone with a big name like Leadbetter, McLean, Harmon, Haney or other knows as much about the swing as he does.

Doug Lawrence

David is one of those rare mentors who teaches out of a vast storehouse of experience and expertise. He’s one of a kind when it comes to giving simple and understandable metaphors that help you understand the complex physical aspects of the game of golf. To top it all off—he makes it fun. My score went from 135 to 90 in just a few months. I’m deeply indebted to David for his patience with me and engaging style of working

Randy Haag

Having taken lessons from various golf professionals for over 30 years, I can say without hesitation that David Balbi is the finest instructor I’ve ever known. David has been instrumental in my success over the past 10 years culminating in a top 100 amateur ranking for most of the past ten years. His teaching style will provide the quickest and most sustainable results for golfers of any ability!!

Tom Balletta

David is easily the finest golf instructor I know. His progressive approach and easy manner incorported with the latest technological and traditional practices make his teaching very effective and fun.

These are just some of the testimonials that I’ve received

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For 22 Years, I have been providing excellence in golf instruction and I’m as passionate about your improvement today as I was in 1994 when I opened my first location


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