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The Senior Golfer membership site, brought to you by David Balbi, is specifically designed with Senior Golfers in mind. Expecting Seniors to make the same swing as golfers who are considerably younger is a waste of time and effort.

However, there are certain key elements of a good golf swing that anyone who is in reasonable physical shape can do and being a Senior golfer does not mean that you should compromise your reasonable game improvement goals.

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About Us

We Create Awesome Swings

Over 45 years of experience as a golfer and 30 years of teaching golf has lead me to create a game improvement program specifically designed to help Senior Golfers.


A correct understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will lay the groundwork for you to improve.

Most golfers have never learned the correct fundamentals on which their game is built and so they are unable to reach their true potential.

Internet Learning

Our unique instruction content is delivered online so that you can review it often and from any internet connected device.

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Golfer Support

The content on our instruction portal is updated continuously. If you have requests for additional content that will enhance the learning experience for yourself and others, simply contact us and we will create the relevant content for the site.