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GEARS is a full swing body and club tracking system used by PGA pros, club-fitters and club manufacturers to measure and analyze your swing in full 3-D from address to finish

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This product can tell you exactly what’s going wrong. The Gears system, records all kinds of data when users hit shots wearing a motion-capture suit featuring 26 sensors placed at key spots around the body and six additional locations on the club. Using eight high-speed cameras and special software, Gears can determine a lot of interesting—and telling—information.

Because it can be used for equipment testing as well as swing instruction, places such as the equipment labs for Cobra-Puma and Nike Golf and the Sea Island Resort in Georgia have added it.”

David Toms
Golf Digest
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Our Process

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Your Gears Initial Evaluation will uncover all of the vital information about your golf swing and how your golf club interacts with the golf ball to create the resulting shot.


The GEARS evaluation was described by Golf Digest as the MRI of the golf swing.

An MRI is a great dataset to have if you understand how to interpret the information and no-one has more experience in 3-D motion analysis than David Balbi. David started working with 3-D motion capture and analysis in 1994 and has evaluated thousands of golfers over the past 22 years.


The compelling reason to schedule a GEARS evaluation is that you can never fully understand your swing if the only information that you have to go on is based upon visual evaluation and guesswork.

Other motion analysis systems may go part way to achieving this understanding but only GEARS can give you the full picture.


Accurate diagnosis is only the beginning of your swing transformation. The key element is the training program that is developed upon completion of the evaluation and assessment.

Test and Retest

The ability to evaluate, train and then re-evaluate is a critical part of any improvement program. The confidence that you gain when it is apparent that your hard work is being rewarded will propel you to even greater levels of understanding and excellence.

Our Skills

Our Main Skills

Experience is the great separator.

The ability to operate the GEARS system can be quickly learned but the ability to interpret the data and design a game improvement program takes years.

David Balbi has 22 years of experience in the field of 3-D motion capture. Who else can match this body of knowledge?

David has measured hundreds of Tour players and tens of thousands of ordinary golfers. he has researched the motion data extensively and has consulted with specialists including Orthopedic Surgeons, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Physicists, Personal Trainers and Bio-mechanists.

Leading Edge Technology

Since 1990, David Balbi has repeatedly been on the forefront of technology innovation, marking the following milestones.

1990 – Video Capture and instant review on the lesson tee

1993 – Computer graphics overlay on clients take home video tape

1994 – Digital Video Capture and motion analysis

1995 – True 3-D motion capture and bio-feedback training

1998 – Computer based balance analysis and training

2001 – Multi camera digital capture and display

2003 – Indoor launch monitor and simulator use in golf instruction

2009 – SAMS PuttLab for putting stroke analysis and putter fitting

2010 – Radar launch monitors added to other technologies

2001 – FocusBand brain training

2013 – Wireless 3-D motion capture

2015 – Smartphone based iFocusBand training

2016 – GEARS, the ultimate in 3-D motion capture


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