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I have two fee schedules, one for standard lessons and one for sessions that include the GEARS 3-D Motion Capture system. Please ensure that you book the correct session in the online scheduling system. If you have any questions please let me know.


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GEARS Analysis

Fees For GEARS Sessions

These are the fees for GEARS Analysis and Training Sessions

Initial Evaluation

The GEARS Initial Evaluation is a 90 minute session. The Fee is $300

Opening Special – ONLY $260 – BUY NOW

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GEARS Training

A GEARS training session is a 60 minute session. The Fee is $200.

Packages are available starting at $1050 for 6 hours.

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GEARS Club Fitting

A GEARS Club Fitting will vary based upon the number of clubs being evaluation.

A Basic club fitting using our clubs will typically include the measurement of 2 clubs. This will be a 90 minute session and the fee is $300.

Club Fitting sessions using your own clubs will be quoted on request and will vary in length of time and fee based upon the number of clubs being evaluated.

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How I Work

Analyzing a golf swing and diagnosing the issues is a bit like solving a mystery. There are clues – some of which lead you towards the solution and some of which lead you to a dead end- or even worse – an erroneous conclusion.

That’s why you need someone with over 20 years of experience in the science of 3-D motion analysis. Don’t settle for less.


You’ve probably experienced having a playing partner tell you what’s wrong with your game. The problem is that they will often describe the effect but rarely will they identify the cause.


I have been on the leading edge of scientific golf swing analysis and training for over 20 years. No-one has more experience.


Designing game improvement programs is part art-form and part science.


I’ve never been afraid to be an early adopter of new technology. In the long term it simply means that I have more experience than the next person.


What I Am Passionate About

My passion in life is to affect positive change in golfers. I transform golf swings by identifying the causes of swing issues and clearly communicating the correction. I use several high tech measurement devices to quickly identify issues. The use of bio-feedback and neuro-feedback training greatly enhances and speeds the learning process.

I want to change
golfers lives

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We Are Here For You

These are the fees for standard lessons that do not include GEARS analysis or training

Golf Lessons

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Lessons can be booked in 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minute increments

  • These are the Basic Lesson Fees
  • Adult 30 minutes – $75
  • Adult 45 minutes – $115
  • Adult 60 minutes – $150
  • Adult 90 minutes – $225
  • Adult 120 minutes – $295
  • Junior 30 minutes – $60
  • Junior 45 minutes – $90
  • Junior 60 minutes – $120
  • Junior 90 minutes – $180

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Brain Training using the FocusBand headset

FocusBand sessions are usually 30 minutes.

30 minute session – $75

45 minute session – $115

60 minute session – $150

SAMS PuttLab

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A complete evaluation of your putting stroke

The SAMS PuttLab is the worlds most accurate putting stroke evaluation system and is used by hundreds of Tour players to fine tune their stroke and identify potential problems.

Putter Fitting

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An evaluation of your putter or putters – may include SAMS PuttLab analysis

A good stroke is just one part of the equation. If your putter doesn’t fit you are still missing some of those makeable putts.

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